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Temperature sensors for machines and equipment

We consider the ability to provide low-volume or unit production as a major benefit of our company, SENSIT s.r.o. This advantage is mainly used by our customers – manufacturers of machines and equipment. We can produce made-to-order temperature sensors, which meet the requirements of the respective manufactur- ers to the maximum, in terms of both technical and structural aspects. Moreover, we can ensure replacements for temperature sensors on the basis of drawings or submitted samples.

Our experience allows us to flexibly react to the requirements of customers and thus ensure smooth development without any time delays.

SENSIT s.r.o. has its own calibration laboratory. We provide calibration from -60°C to 600°C, including the calibration of thermocouples.

Custom made design of temperature sensors, we perform type tests of the following technical parameters:

  • insulation resistance in increased temperatures 
  • temperature response time 
  • impact of hysteresis 
  • minimum immersion depth 
  • thermoelectric voltage 
  • effect of temperature cycling 
  • resistance accuracy test 
  • stability on the upper limit of the temperature range, etc. 

Our company provides product certificates on demand (sensor resistance to impacts and vibrations, electric strength, IP 68 etc.). We work together with qualified, certified laboratories and test rooms. 


Temperature sensors up to 600 °C
Temperature sensors up to 600 °C
Temperature sensors up to 600 °C
Temperature sensors up to 400 °C
Temperature sensors up to 400 °C
Temperature sensors up to 400 °C
Temperature sensors up to 250 °C
Temperature sensors up to 250 °C
Temperature sensors up to 250 °C
Stainless steel temperature sensors
Stainless steel temperature sensors
Stainless steel temperature sensors


Temperature sensors with a smooth case
Temperature sensors with a smooth case
Temperature sensors with a smooth case
Contact temperature sensors
Contact temperature sensors
Contact temperature sensors
Temperature sensors with a thread
Temperature sensors with a thread
Temperature sensors with a thread
Temperature sensors with bayonet
Temperature sensors with bayonet
Temperature sensors with bayonet


After performing an analysis of your requirements, together we will propose a suitable temperature sensor for you and recommend optimal application so that potential interferences associated with implementing a sensor are eliminated or suppressed. When developing a new temperature sensor, we offer you:

1/ Cooperation, our experience and help for progress of suitable sensor for your application. The personal negotiation of our technician in your company.

2/ Provision of the required certification, declaration in accordance with ap- plicable standards in Czech, English, Russian, German and other languages.

3/ Design and production of temperature sensors„in customs case“

  • Production of sensors according samples or drawings 
  • Modification of the standard cases 
  • Production of sensor with difficult and unusual case design 
  • Production of sensor with small case diameter 2-3 mm 
  • Proposing of assembly according application 

4/ Encapsulation of special sensing element 

  • KTY 
  • NTC 
  • TSic 
  • SMT 160 
  • Two and more elements to case (same & different) 

5/ Sensors compliant with special requirement for: 

  • Resistant to vibration and shock 
  • High resistance to abrasive action 
  • Use the cryogenic temperatures 
  • Frequent repeatbility and stability 
  • The required high accuracy 
  • Execution and compliance standards (test) el. strenght ans puncture 
  • Very fast response temperature change 

6/ Standard used special materials are replaced according to your require- ments. In areas such as housing material:

  • Tin bronze CuSn9 
  • Plastics - makromelt 
  • Aluminium (alloy) 
  • Stainless steel 1.4571 
  • Brass 

For cable, shrinking tubes: 

  • PFA 
  • Viton 
  • Kynar 
  • Flame retardant cable – FM 4910 
  • The cables for application under soil and so on

The club of talented children on the visit in SENSIT

Kids from the Club of talented children came to learn about our sensors and their production.

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May shutdown

Due to technical reasons, SENSIT will be closed from 2 to 3 May 2024.

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Invitation for Hannover Messe 2024

We would like to invite you to one of the most important and largest industrial fairs in the world - Hannover Messe!

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Easter 2024

We wish you a relaxing Easter holiday and beautiful spring days!

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Invitation for Amper 2024

You are invited to AMPER 2024! From 19th to 21st March 2024 you will find us at the exhibition center in Brno in pavilion V at stand no. V.02, ready for new challenges!

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Invitation for Aquatherm 2024

Let us invite you to the biggest exhibition of technical building equipment in the Czech Republic - Aquatherm Prague® 2024, which will take place 5th to 8th March 2024 in PVA EXPO Praha.

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Temperature converters

Transmit temperature information to locations tens to hundreds of meters away from the measurement site!

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Exhibitions 2024

At which trade fairs can you meet us in 2024?

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Combined sensors for interior and exterier use

Keep your air quality under control with our combined sensors!

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PF 2024

We wish you a Merry Christmas in good health and peace and all the best to coming year.

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Your gauges in our hands

Use our Authorized Metrology Centre for calibration of your measuring instruments. We calibrate temperature sensors in the range of -40 °C to 600 °C.

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How was the Host Milano 2023?

Have a look how the Host Milano looked like inside and outside of our stand.

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We measure wirelessly

Do you need to measure temperature, relative humidity or CO2 without installing cables? Try it with our Wireless Radio Sensors!

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Sharing our experiences

Do you want to know more about temperature measurement and the rules and principles of temperature sensors? We are offering a training or printed design manual.

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Invitation for HOST Milano 2023

We´d like to invite you to one of the most important international trade fairs in the field of gastronomy and professional hospitality - HOST Milano, which will take place from 13 to 17 October 2023.

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100% output control

All the sensors that leave the SENSIT´s gate will pass an output check to be sure that they are delivered to you in guaranteed quality and are 100% reliable.

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Temperature sensors with plastic conncection head

The unique design of the plastic heads from our technical department allows you to measure the temperature indoors, outdoors, in industrial areas, inside and outside pipelines, in air ducts.

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Temperature sensors with cable

Do you need to measure the temperature even in hard-to-reach places? We have a compact range of cable sensors in various shapes with casing diameters from 1 mm.

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Wireless radio sensors with free softwarem

Measure without wires with Wireless Radio Sensors! Software for pairing sensors with the GSM gateway is available for FREE.

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Company holiday 2023

We would like to inform you that company SENSIT s.r.o. will be closed in term from 27th July to 4th August 2023 due to COMPANY HOLIDAY.

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