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Profile of SENSIT s.r.o. 

The company was founded in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in 1991. It was established as an association of natural persons SENSIT Rožnov, with the goal of continuing in the development and design capabilities of employees of Rožnov’s Tesla in the field of measurement and regulation. The company has carried the name SENSIT s.r.o., which perfectly captures the true form of business, since 1.11.2006.


SENSIT, s.r.o., is also engaged in the manufacture of temperature sensors in various industries. The standard temperature range of the sensors is from -200 °C to 1 200 °C and the diameter of the resistance temperature sensors is from 1.5 mm and 0.5 mm for thermocouples. In recent years, company's product range has expanded with humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, level sensors and flow sensors. Since 2015, we have been presenting also the inductive sensors and the optical level sensors on our website. Its products are used e.g.:

  • in the field of measurement and regulation as a source of primary information about the temperature for the driver and regulation systems of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Temperature sensors manufactured by SENSIT s.r.o. are, depending on the sensing element, fully compatible with the control systems of TECO, EXAKT, SIEMENS, LANDIS and GYR, SAUTER, SAIA, AMIT, JOHNSONS CONTROLS, STAEFA CONTROLS, HONEYWELL... and are applied to these systems by the user or in many cases by the manufacturers themselves; 
  • in the field of metering heat consumption;
  • in all sectors of industry, agriculture and services, where it is necessary to monitor the temperature as an important parameter of technological, control or inspection processes.

The competitiveness of the company’s products is continuously tested on the Czech market, as well as abroad, with regard to the implementation of long-term supplies to significant manufacturers of technological units and components in the following fields: 

Custom and small series production 

As a significant competitive advantage, SENSIT s.r.o. maintains the capability of small series or piece production. High flexibility in relation to the special requirements of customers enables the company to react flexibly to their needs in terms of composition of the custom range, as well as in time performance. 

Production quality and customer care 

SENSIT s.r.o. is aware of the fact that the quality of all work and the associated technical level and quality of production are critical for the existence of the company. Therefore, the company has been committed in the long-term and systematically to creating open and ethical relationships with customers, suppliers, its own employees as well as other interested parties.

The high level of quality of its products is ensured, among other ways, through the performance of regular and repeat type tests of the properties of products or through the sophisticated operation of cycling 7 to 10 cycles in temperature intervals from -10 to 80 °C with the objective of detecting critical manufacturing defects. A standard part of production processes is initial calibration and output inspection. The final products are thus supplied in the guaranteed quality, which is reflected in the low percentage of justified complaints.

SENSIT s.r.o. meets the requirements of standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 for all areas of its activities, as evidenced by valid certificates.

In relation to specific products, the company complies with the specified requirements of Act No. 22/1997 Coll., as amended. In the case of specific parameters and properties of products, corresponding certificates and test reports (e.g. coverage, mechanical resistance, vibration, electric strength, etc.) are issued on the basis of type tests in accordance with specific technical standards.

24th Air Conditioning and Ventilation 2021 Conference

The 24th Air Conditioning and Ventilation 2021 conference took place in Prague on 20 and 21 October, and we participated as partners.

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Host Milano 2021

Dear business partners, we are very happy that after such a long time, we can invite you to the International Hospitality Exhibition HOST Milano 2021.

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We offer these temperature sensors with a plastic connection head in several versions: for interior and exterior use, with measuring stem and contact types.

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Railway News 2021

What is new in railway industry? ... check new edition of Railway News Magazine ... interesting is especially page 8 :)

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Cable temperature sensors

Cable temperature sensors in various shapes and designs

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SENSIT - 30 years on the market

Dear Business Partners, Today, 7 June 2021, marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of our company. Let’s raise our glasses and make a toast to the decades to come.

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There has been another innovation in the electronic temperature switch.

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We would like to wish you a happy Easter Holiday and beautiful spring days. 

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All sensors in the SENSIT interior design are offered in white colour.

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We are very happy that we have taken this step and unified the design of our corporate websites.

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30 years on the market - Thank you very much!

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PF 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021  

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We have added temperature sensors with digital output to our standard range of temperature sensors with a plastic head. 

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News 2020/06

Cable temperature sensors with metal braided sleeving 

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Comprehensive line of Interior Sensors for Railway Vehicles

With growing requirements on quality of interior air in the area of home-building, this trend is shifting to the means of transport, as well.  

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Invitation to the Fair CZECH RAILDAYS 2019

Dear business partners, we would be glad to invite you to the Fair CZECH RAILDAYS 2019, which will be held in term 11 - 13 June 2019 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. We are looking forward to meeting you in.. 

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Bimetallic temperature switches for Railway Vehicles

Dear business partners, Based on your requirements, we have expanded the range of temperature switches for rolling stock. Our standard electronic temperature switch KTSZ3H was supplemented with two versions of bimetallic temperature switches 

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Comprehensive line of Interior Sensors for Railway Vehicles

With increasing demands for effective regulation in the area of homebuilding, this trend is shifting to transport means, as well. Railway vehicles are no exception.  

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NEW DESIGN of the Interior Temperature Sensor for Railway Vehicles

Dear business partners, we would like to introduce you new modern design of an interior temperature sensor with a resistance, current and voltage output. Interior temperature sensors meet all requirements of railway standards 

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