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Zener Barrier ZbC2+

Zener Barrier ZbC2+

Zener Barrier ZbC2+
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The ZbC2+ Zener barrier contains two identical diode return barriers in a common housing and it is designed for DIN rail mounting in a safe area. The recommended mounting position of the barrier is shown in the figure. 

The fixed screw terminal blocks are used to connect the wires. The HAZ terminals for connecting a device located in a potentially explosive atmosphere are marked in blue. Equipment located in a safe area is connected to the SAFE terminals. 

The important condition for the faultless function of the Zener barrier is perfect earthing. The housing includes an earth contact (see figure). It is necessary to use additional earthing with one or more conductors with a total cross-section of at least 4 mm2 (terminals 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16).

  • The Zener barrier is a certified intrinsically safe interface. It is used to connect a certified intrinsically safe device located in a potentially explosive atmosphere (Hazardous area) to a non-certified device that is in a safe area. 
  • The Zener barrier prevents the transfer of unacceptably high energy from the safe area into the hazardous area. Zener barrier properties are defined by the intrinsic safety parameters

Uo ... the highest open-circuit voltage at “HAZ” terminals
Io ... maximum current that can be taken from the "HAZ" terminals 

The intrinsically safe device in hazardous area and the Zener barrier in safe area have to be comply. The intrinsically safe parameters Uo and Io of the Zener barrier must be less than the values Ui and Ii of the device (Ui and Ii are the maximum voltage and current values that can be applied to the device terminals according to the certificate). 


The intrinsically safe system consists of:
- intrinsically safe device located in a potentially explosive atmosphere - measurement (control) system in a safe area.
- Zener barrier in a safe area
- connecting wires 

Technické parametry

Barrier type and design

Positive polarity with return diode

Two identical Zener barrier ZB1 and ZB2 in the common housing
Electrical specification

Nominal resistance Ro
310 Ω
Fuse rating
40 mA
Series resistance
Rs1 = max. 355 Ω (terminals 1-5, terminals 3-7)

Rs2 = max. 42 Ω (terminals 2-6, terminals 4-8)
Voltage drop across return diode
Ud = max. 0,8V
Working voltage (SAFE terminals
max. 26 V at current of less than 10 uA
Data for application in connection with hazardous areas
(see the Certificate for details)

Directive conformity
Compliance with standards
EN IEC 60079-0:2018

EN 60079-11:2012
FTZÚ 22 ATEX 0018X
Identification marking
ll (3)G [Ex ic Gc] llC
Voltage Uo
29,4 V
Current Io
96 mA
Resistance Ro
min. 306 Ω
Capacitance Co + Induktance Lo
120 nF + 2 mH, nebo 60 nF + 4 mH
Maximum safe voltage
Special condition for safe use (sign „X“)
proper earthing according to EN 60079-11:2012
Ambient temperature range
-20 až +60 °C
22,5 x 114 x 100 mm
125 g

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