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WCOM51 - Wireless gateway/repeater

WCOM51 - Wireless gateway/repeater

WCOM51 - Wireless gateway/repeater



WCOM51 is the router/repeater for integration of up to 50 wireless devices. The communication is based on the encrypted Midam KFP protocol, which allows to update the device firmware on a wireless basis across the wireless network topology. Native modbus map grants seamless integration into the DDC/SCADA systems. Thanks to the „dual stack radio“ technology, it can read values from WMbus based devices simultaneously.


  • Modbus RTU to wireless Midam KFP protocol
  • integration of up to 50 Midam KFP devices
  • integration of up to 50 WMbus devices
  • wireless coverage extension
  • wired or wireless integration into SCADA systems


WCOM51 can work in two modes. Direct communication or cached mode. Each device is mapped to Modbus RTU register area. Up to 50 devices can be mapped with configurable offset and length. Communication status is available through timestamp, comm error and status. Wireless coverage area can be extended using the mesh functionality, which is possible thanks to connection of more WCOM51 devices i a row on a RS485 bus. Configuration and data message are exchanged between repeaters on a real time basis. Wireless communication uses higher radio frequency transmitter power up to + 27 dBm and receiver contains +12 dB preamplifier. SMA antenna connector makes implementation of high gain external antenna possible. Direct mounting flex antenna, or external antenna on coaxial cable with SMA connector can be installed, for example for mounting outside switchboard in order to gain better radio signal reception. Gateway configuration is made by software tools over wireless network, or over wired RS485 terminals. PLC/DDC and SCADA driver is available. The device has factory-set values to ensure the correct default function and allows direct reading and writing of values to the Modbus map, which is available in a separate document. All settings are also stored in the Modbus map directly in the device. Before using the device for the first time, it is necessary to pair it and it is recommended to perform individual configuration, especially to enter the encryption password.

SCADA system integration

Direct integration into various SCADA systems through wired Modbus RTU (RS485) protocol is possible.


To pair your own sensors with the WCOM51 GSM gateway, the freely downloadable KFP-Lite software is available, which communicates with the gateway using the WUSB01 wireless USB configurator. Both devices must be powered and placed in close proximity to each other. Using the search function in the software interface, you can view a list of all available devices in range and assign or modify parameters based on the wireless identification code for each individual device.

Using KFP-Lite, it is possible to change the communication frequency (default value 868.95 MHz).

Technické parametry

Wireless gateway/repeater WCOM51
Power supply 24 to 240 V AC/DC
Consumption  4 W max., 2 W typical average 
Communication 868,950 MHz, 100 kbps, WMBUS T1, KFP
868,300 MHz, 32 kbps, WMBUS S1, KFP
868,100 MHz, 100 kbps, KFP
869,525 MHz, 100 kbps, WMBUS C, KFP
868,300 MHz, 38 kbps, KFP

RS485, 300 to 115200 bps, galvanic isolation 1 kV 
Protocol WMBUS (EN 13757-4), KFP (dual stack), Modbus RTU 
Encryption AES 128 PCBC, EN 13757-4 
RF power +27 to - 20 dBm 
Antenna  SMA female connector for external antenna 
Communication range 500 m in free space, 150 m in buildings 
Output 230 V AC, max. 4 A, AC1 general use, non-inductive load (EN60947-4-1), contact lifespan > 105 cycles
Mechanical and dimensions 99 x 70 x 35 mm
polycarbonate enclosure, IP 20 in accordance with EN 60529, as amended 
4x Jumper (PRG/USR mode, RS485 bus end)
7x Terminal M3 (power, output, RS485 communication)
1x SMA jack 
Ambient conditions -5 to 45 °C, 5 % to 95 % rH (EN 60721-3-3 class 3K5) 

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and technical characteristics of the products. For actual information, please always contact your dealer.

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